Bluetooth™ guide

Hardware requirements

There are two flavors of Bluetooth™. Bluetooth™ Classic and the more recent Bluetooth Low Energy™ standard or Bluetooth LE™ for short (or even shorter BLE). The chessboards supported by Chessconnect all use the Bluetooth LE™ variant. Hence, you have to make sure that both your PC and your operating system support BLE. That is typically the case for all recent Mac computers. Windows supports BLE from version 8 on but problems have been reported with Chessconnect using BLE on Windows 8.

Bluetooth™ reconnect

For security reasons a browser extension like Chessconnect cannot maintain connections to external devices (like for instance your chess board, just saying..) when the browser loads a new page. That means, when you click your way through either or you are very likely to cut the connection to your board now and then. Chessconnect goes to great lengths to try and re-establish this connection for you in the background. While this works fairly nicely with USB, Bluetooth™ is a different animal. When the required browser flags are set, Chessconnect has a decent change on Windows™ to reconnect to your board. On Mac, this is even more complicated. See here for more details on this.