TabuTronic™ boards

Supported boards

  • all Cerno models
  • all Sentio models

Supported connection methods

  • USB serial
  • Bluetooth LE

Certabo and Cerno boards

The technology used in TabuTronic Cerno (and Certabo) boards is quite unique. They use very small chips to stick under your pieces and that are not initially bound to a specific type of chess piece. This makes these boards really flexible when it comes to choosing a set of pieces. (We printed a set of Lewis Chessmen for our test board and that’s gorgeous.) On the other hand, before you start playing with a new set of pieces, you will have to teach Chessconnect the piece values of the new chips. The process is very simple and quick and you can read about it here.

Occasionally, it can happen that a field LED is lit randomly by Chessconnect for a couple of milliseconds. This is not a problem of you board(!) but has to do with us still looking for the best balance between responsiveness and reliability of the readings.

Sentio boards

Sentio boards work differently. The pieces have little magnets and the board detects the presence ob absence of a piece but cannot tell, which piece. Consequently, if two pieces are swapped, such a misplacement cannot be detected. So, it is especially important, that the starting position is set correctly on the board. Automatic board flipping does not work either. The white pieces have to start on the side of the board with the TT logo on it.

Should Chessconnect during a game ever loose track of your pieces – for instance, because some accidentally fell over – please make sure to reset them to the position of the online board. Whenever the pieces on the board and on the website match, Chessconnect syncs its internal data to that position and everything will be fine again.

Once you get used to them, Sentio boards work really well with Chessconnect and their reaction time is extremely fast.