Supported chess sites

On there is no official way for Chessconnect interact with the site. Hence, we parse the HTML code of the web page to recognize the position on the board and send simulated mouse clicks to make moves. While this is a very flexible approach, there is always the risk of conflicts with the cheat detection system. Chessconnect does of course not facilitate cheating in any way and we have asked the organization to recognize Chessconnect as an official and legal way to play games. So far, without success.

That being said, so far there have been very few problems with cheat detection making false accusations against users of Chessconnect. In the rare case of this happening, please contact support and make them aware that you are using Chessconnect. They are usually very supportive.

Because of the way Chessconnect interacts with the web site, almost everything is possible on Bot games, live games, tournaments, and the analysis board all work well with Chessconnect.

It is best to disable premoves on as this conflicts with the way Chessconnect transmits moves to the site. In most cases you are ok even with premoves enabled. But it is better to turn them off.

Chessconnect will not work properly on this site, if piece animations are set too fast. It is best to leave them on the default setting. Also, you need to have „move method“ set to „click squares“ or „drag or click“. The board setting „white always on bottom“ also interferes with Chessconnect. This must be turned off.

Unlike, offers an official way for us to interact with the site. This means, that problems with cheat detection are even less likely. On the other hand, Chessconnect is a little bit more limited in what it can do. The analysis board cannot be accessed there is only a fixed set of game format available. As of now, there is Rapid, Classical and Correspondence only. For direct challenges and games vs AI, Blitz is also possible.

For to work with Chessconnect, you need to provide an API token. See here for details.

If there is demand for it, we might in the future make the analysis board accessible, too. This could possibly be done in the same way we do it on

Lichess user Hamilton53 made a nice video on this explaining how to make Chessconnect ready for