Millennium™ boards

Supported boards

Chessconnect works well with a wide range of Millennium™ chess boards. Among these are:

  • M841 eONE
  • M830 King Performance*
  • M831 King Competition*
  • M843 Exclusive Luxe Edition
  • M820 Chess Genius Exclusive*
  • M828 Chess Classics Exclusive*
  • M850 Supreme 55*
  • M922 Mephisto Phoenix M*
  • M924 Mephisto Phoenix T*

The boards marked with * require the M822 ChessLink module.

Supported connection methods

  • Bluetooth LE
  • USB serial

Things to consider

Chessconnect allows the board to be rotated by 180°. Meaning you can put the black pieces on ranks 1 and two and the white pieces on ranks 7 and 8. Hence you can have the cable to you left or to you right. Chessconnect will adjust automatically.

If you are using a board with pressure sensor like the King competition or the Chess Genius and want to take back a move, you have to take it back both on the chess site and on the smart board. But once you got the hang of it, these boards work very well together with Chessconnect, too.