Version 3.5

  • full support for the House of Staunton Sensory board with LEDs
  • support for the TapNset-Pro chess clock (when connected to the House of Staunton Sensory board)
  • improved sound and speech output once again

Version 3.4

  • works better with older DGT™ e-Boards
  • support for Yizhi board
  • added Spanish and Chinese translation and improved language support
  • improved sound and speech output
  • and lots of minor improvements

Version 3.3

  • Improved support fro DGT™ eBoards
  • Support for DGT™ Pegasus
  • Support for DGT3000 chess clock
  • USB support for Chessnut boards
  • support for multiple languages (English, Italian, French, German)
  • speech feature now also announces check and mate

Version 3.1

  • USB support for Millennium boards
  • Bluetooth for Certabo and Cerno boards

Version 3.0

  • Now works with
  • USB support for Chessnut boards
  • Support for Certabo and TabuTronic
  • Support for House of Staunton Sensory Board

Version 2.2

  • In analysis mode you can know make moves for both colors using the physical board

Version 2.1

  • Gave the reconnect feature a complete rewrite. As a consequence the reconnect hot key is no longer necessary.
  • Battery level is now indicated by the color of the connect button. Red means less than 33%
  • Added support for new „theatre mode“ on
  • Added warning message if is set to use WebGL
  • Connect button changes to icon if sidebar is collapsed
  • Info dialog pops up the first time a version with new features is invoked
  • Support for Millennium boards (ChessGenius, eOne, King Competition)
  • Support for startup position where black and white is swapped.
  • Click on extension icon now opens options dialog